A Little bit about me...

Im a a pretty simple gal- a good cup of coffee, the sun on my face, and some company to make me laugh is all it takes for a perfect day in my books. I live in the beautiful Mystic Connecticut, and am constantly inspired by my little New England town. I've been painting since i was a little girl, and although my style and skills might have changed along the way, my love for art has never wavered. My style is somewhere in between realistic and impressionist. I always strive to capture the character and presence of my subject in a timeless way. I don't aim for photo realism, i love the charm that bold brushstrokes and finger painting add. 

Recently my focus has been pulled towards live wedding painting. I find the whole experience such a thrill. There is something so exciting about capturing a split second and turning it into something that can be passed down from generation to generation.  There is nothing I love more than seeing the guests, and bride and groom's reaction after the ceremony is over and their painting is complete. If you're interested in learning more about the process and possibilities, make sure to click on the "wedding painting" tab on the home page. Live Weddings keep me busy but I love painting based off of photographs as well. The options are endless, I love painting the human figure, family portraits, baby pictures, and of course, four legged friends. Houses and landscapes are always exciting, i think they have just as much charm and personality as people! Maternity paintings are one of my favorites, i think its such an honor to preserve that pre-baby glow Have an idea for something i haven't mentioned? I'm always open to new ideas or projects, lets chat!

Enough about me, i want to know about you! I love connecting with my clients over a cup of coffee and lots of laughs. The more i know about you the more "you" i can put into your painting. If you want to know more, or if you have any questions at all, send me a message! You can follow me in Live time on instagram @rachel.miller.art - I post all steps of my work from sketches to final framed product. 

Thank you!

Rachel Miller

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