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A Little Bit About Me...

I’m so glad we’ve met here and I can share with you a little bit about me. Either you’ve stumbled upon my site looking for a photographer or an artist I’m so excited to let you into my colorful, creative mind.

For as long as I can remember I’ve grown up having a paint brush or a camera in my hands. For years I battled between which I would pursue as a hobby and which I would pursue as a career and then it dawned on me. Why not both!? I am so blessed to feel drawn towards two different mediums that allow me to invoke emotions and preserve something that comes and goes in a blink of an eye.

The older I get the more enamored I become with the idea of being able to freeze time. As a Fiancé to the most amazing man, and a mother to the most beautiful baby girl, I became overwhelmingly inspired to hold on to every fleeting moment in a way that felt timeless and genuine. When I think about what I want my artistic style to be this is what I’m drawn too. I want the beauty of my work to remain effortless for generations and the viewer to be consumed with the mood of the room or subject that I’m capturing.

Working with me for a Live Wedding Painting means hours of entertainment for your guests, that special momentum you can display on your wall for decades, and a guarantee you’ll see my goofy dance moves as I paint your big day.
Working with me for photography means authentic candid moments,  guidance through every pose or prompt and just enough corny jokes to get that genuine laugh on camera.


One thing is true for every client I work with; by the time I've gained a friend! I would love to learn more about you, and what brought you to my site, and if I'm the right fit to make your vision come true; send me a message! 


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