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Boudoir Photography 

Boudoir photography is about empowerment. It's about showcasing your favorite features and embracing your insecurities and capturing your body in a way that's beautiful, timeless art. 

For a lot of people the idea of a boudoir session is pushing them outside of their comfort zone - and while that's totally normal, I assure you that I will have your back every step of the way to make it an enjoyable experience from the second you step in my studio.  

My private home studio is located in Groton Connecticut and is set up for each shoot with a variety of sets that we will rotate between though out your shoot. I will be directing you the whole time on posing and expressions at a pace that is comfortable and relaxed. Comfort is my biggest goal with all my boudoir clients and my number one priority is to take things at your pace in a way that feels good for you. At the beginning of every shoot I have a quick chat and get an idea of your comfort level; the areas that make you feel the best, and the areas that you have insecurities about and tailor my posing flow to accommodate that. 

Each session is a little bit different from the last, and I love that! Some girls chose to play into their sexy side, some girls aim for a softer more romantic appeal, and some girls like to switch it up throughout their shoot! The options are endless when your session is tailored for you. 

Although a lot of my clients come in for their shoot looking to gift their album to their partner, the real gift is to yourself. The joy it brings me to help women find their beauty and confidence is what will fuel my passion for boudoir to uncharted levels!

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