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Family Sessions 

There is so much I love about family photography, and I feel incredibly grateful for each family that gets in front of my lens. Each and every family is so unique and special and seeing their personalities blend together is so exciting.

Although there is always a time and place for those posed frames where everyone is smiling at the camera; I am all about the "little moments". The split second where Dad looks at Mom with so much pride, or when  little sis quickly whispers a secret into Daddy's ear, or when Big brother flies into the frame to show me that he can jump "really really reaaaaaalllly high" These are the pictures that will transport you back to that precious day 20 years from now, and that is the magic of a good photo.

Like all my sessions, Prior to our shoot we will have a consultation discussing your ideas, inspirations, and goals! I am always happy to lend my advice for styling and location or follow your lead if you have a special look or place in mind. When the big day comes it will feel like I'm tagging along on a family outing. I will step in and assist with posing and prompting as needed and let the natural dynamic take the lead!

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