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Live wedding painting is that "wow" factor. It's the reminder that hangs on the wall in your  home to transport  you back to  that incredible day... it's the little piece of your big day that can be  passed on and treasured for  generations to come.     

Live Wedding Painting


Why add a Live Painting?

A Live Painting is that extra "wow" element to your big day.

It's that little detail that your friends and family will go home talking about.

It's the "I wish I thought of that!" and the "I wish people did this when I got married!"

Its the Heirloom the grandkids will fight over one day that is as unique and treasured as you.

Its the Reminder that hangs on your wall and transports you back every morning and every night  to your most special moment.

Using the contact form bellow, send me a message including your wedding date and venue and I will get back to you ASAP!

I'm Interested! What's Next?

How Does it Work?


The first step to any live painting is getting to know my couple! One of my goals with every painting is to not only capture how my subjects look, but also to bring their personality to life on my canvas. If I'm local to the couple I love to take them out for a coffee, if not we will hop on a zoom or call and discuss all the little details of their big day they've put so much time and love into; this way I know exactly what to include. Live Paintings are completely customizable so I will be working with you before your wedding to understand exactly what you have in mind! When the big day arrives I show up to the painting location approximately 2 hours before the guests and start painting in the setting. I work throughout your event as you dance the night away welcome you and your guests to circle around and watch your painting come to life. On average I'm about 75-95% done by the end of the night. I Bring your painting home with me to put on the finishing touches in my studio and ship out or deliver within 6 weeks!

What Does it cost?

A couples total investment is reflected upon a number of variables including location, size of painting and how many paintings they would like. My packages start at $1200 and increase from there. If you have a specific idea or budget in mind please contact me directly to discuss! 

Lets Chat!

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