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What is a Live Wedding Painting?  

live wedding painting is that "wow"factor.. It's the reminder that hangs on the wall in your  home to transport  you back to  that incredible day... it's the little piece of your big day that can be  passed on and treasured for  generations to come.      

How does IT Work?

when i secure a date with a COUPLE THE first thing i do? celebrate of course!and then i follow a few steps. i plan a meeting  with the couple  prior to the big day to iron out all the details such as which moment i'm going to be capturing, what and who you would like to be included in the painting as well as all the logistical details like where you'd like me to set up and the timeline ! typically i like to show up a couple hours prior to the guests arrival to start painting in the scene. i paint throughout the reception while you and your guests  dance away and typically am 75-95% COMPLETE BY THE END OF EVENING. THEN I BRING IT BACK TO THE STUDIO AND PUT  SOME FINAL TOUCHES ON AND SHIP IT BACK/DELIVER IT WITHIN 6 WEEKS!

Want to Learn More?

I have lots of options to chose from to make a Live Painting fit perfectly into your wedding. I would LOVE to chat more! Inquire here, send me an email rachelmiller.originalart@gmail.com or give me a call or text at 303-304-9756

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