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Although photography is the classic choice, wedding paintings offers a unique and beautiful addition to the big day. Paintings are not only able to capture the little details that you have spent hours putting together, but they’re also able to capture the feeling in the room in a way that brings you right back!


The process is pretty simple. Prior to the wedding I meet with the bride and/or groom for a consultation. During this consultation we go over details of exactly what they want me to capture; if they want me to paint the ceremony or reception, and which special moments, details, or people I need to focus on. We will also decide on a size, where I will be positioned, and when I can arrive. Ideally I like to arrive to the venue 2 hours prior to the guests so I can begin painting in as much of the background as I can. Then as the guests and wedding party arrive I paint them in live time. Although it depends on the length of the reception I’m usually 75-95% done by the time we are heading out.  Guests love to see the piece come together over the short time that we are there, it’s like an extra source of entertainment. Don't worry If the couple chooses to have me paint the ceremony,they will have the option for me to bring the painting to the reception so everyone can watch the progression.Afterwards I take the painting back to my studio and put all those finishing details on before I present it to the bride and groom. 

If the full wedding painting experience isn't for you, there are some great other options. All the little details such as the wedding bouquet, the dress, the shoes, the centerpieces, the venue, the cake, etc. can be painted individually or as a collection. These simpler paintings make amazing gifts. I work with a wide range of budgets, if you let me know what you're looking to spend i can figure out something special for you! 

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